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Building sites typically expend a lot of energy and often require the use of Diesel generators – its reported there are more than 15,000 sites in London alone that rely on this energy source. However, this technology is notoriously dirty and noisy and can spread pollutants to local communities, a factor that now potentially poses new legal problems if certain levels are exceeded. Legislation has been passed to minimise the use of Diesel and diesel generators within Cities, this is a major problem for the construction industry, and one which EnviroTech can support with on-demand battery storage for daytime use.

Many forward-thinking construction companies' across the United Kingdom are looking to diversify their energy use and adopt new, more sustainable sources. EnviroTech has developed a solution to replace diesel generators with green energy stations that create financial savings while also protecting the environment. Our stand-alone units eliminate the need to use carbon-based fuels and can dramatically reduce construction companies' carbon footprints, potentially empowering them to claim green credentials. In addition, using our green energy stations can also help streamline work procedures, since it removes the need to organise fuel deliveries and storage.


Thanks to the scalable nature of our solution, EnviroTech energy stations can support construction sites of any size. If required, they can be conveniently combined to provide a vast amount of power for even the largest energy users. Our units are also portable, so they can be moved from one location to another when a project is completed. Crucially, they produce little to no noise, making it possible to stay in compliance with legislative norms when working in urban environments.


This solution doesn’t require a huge commitment in the initial phase, making it viable for smaller and medium-sized companies alongside industry giants. Our solution is also very flexible and can be used to replace or complement any existing energy sources, simultaneously contributing to independence from the grid and stability of supply.


Finally the use of electric plant and equipment is now becoming more prevalent, EnviroTech’s solutions allow the charging of these assets on site, thus removing the need to take them off-site to charge overnight.

Introducing EnviroTech Energy Station - A solution for the Construction Industry and others.

Our Product Portfolio

Energy Storage
The world is about to witness a huge shift towards battery energy storage.
Energy storage fundamentally improves the way we generate, deliver and consume energy. Energy storage helps during emergencies like power outages from storms, equipment failure, accidents or even terrorist attacks.
Wind Farms
Wind energy is one of the most promising sustainable energy sources.
Considering all of its advantages over carbon-based sources, it’s not a surprise that many highly developed countries are prioritising this form of clean energy – in 2015 alone, 15,800 MW of wind power installations were added to the EU grid.
In the current climate, many companies are trying to decrease their carbon footprint to become more eco-friendly and qualify for government incentives..
Current programs include the Renewable Heat Initiative, adopting this approach could be the easiest solution for immediate improvement.
Virtual power plants are consisted of assets that can be scattered over a wide geographic area.
A virtual power plant typically includes at least one renewable energy source (wind, solar…), energy storage facilities, as well as several smart buildings connected into a mini-grid.
Air source heat pumps are one of the cleanest technologies available today.
With this incredible technology, it's possible to use the energy that is trapped in the air around us, and harness it for practical applications, such as heating buildings or boiling water.
Hydroelectric power is a very important source of energy worldwide, and is perhaps one of the best utilised sustainable resources.
This is despite the fact that other technologies like solar panels or geothermal pumps currently attract more attention.
Eliminate avoidable waste while ensuring that all energy needs are met, thus increasing your overall energy efficiency.
In some cases, companies can slash their energy bills by up to 40% by implementing simple measures such as optimisation of the heating system.
Leading energy companies are introducing more flexible schemes that could greatly benefit end-users.
Large energy spenders have a lot of incentives to take part in such programs and could, in fact, earn money in reward for their compliance with the requirements of a Demand Response program.
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