EnviroTech AGP Air Cleanse Systems

The EnviroTech air cleaning system will provide a minimum of 15 surgery filtered air changes per hour and can create
a negative pressure environment.

The EnviroTech AGP Air Cleanse System ONLY £1495.00

This advanced air purifying system features a 2-stage filtration process that ensures even the smallest particles of pollutants or pathogens are removed from the internal atmosphere. Using a combination of diverse filtration techniques, the Envirotech AGP Air Cleanse System successfully cleans and disinfects the air within indoor facilities at virtually any scale. That makes it suitable for a range of applications, including at private residences as well as commercial venues that see a large volume of daily visitors such as gyms, doctor/dental offices, or waiting rooms.

Multiple sizes available. Discounts on orders for 10 units and over. Please contact us for further information at: enquiries@envirotech-group.com

To free the air from impurities or dangerous infectious agents, this purifier relies on two different filters. Larger particles can be captured by the 65% Coarse Panel Air Filter, which is compliant with the ISO 16890 standard and represents the first line of defense. Finer particles can be removed using the H14 HEPA filter, which was proven to be efficient down to the particle size of just 0.1 microns and meets the EN 1822 standard.

The system also utilises the principle of negative pressure to prevent infection spread in enclosed spaces, which we appreciate is an important feature for many customers. The effects of both filtration phases are cumulative, resulting in extraordinary pure air that has an absolute minimum of pollutant gasses, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and other matters. All of our filters are meticulously tested to ensure that their minimum effectiveness threshold is above and beyond legal requirements. For further information on the HTM 01-03 legislation, please view the government's website:



The Envirotech AGP Air Cleanse System is easy to deploy it is also not dependent on the type and state of existing heating or cooling systems. It’s very easy to duct this device into an office venting system and instantly create company-wide improvement of air quality. Alternatively, the product can be used in medical isolation rooms to prevent the air from different parts of the building from mixing. While exact methods of implementation may vary, with a powerful fan at a capacity of up to 500m3 per hour, this system can withstand even the most demanding tasks.


The unit is manufactured from high-quality materials and comes in a hygienic box made of plastic-covered steel and powder-coated steel. It is very simple to set up, operate, and maintain, and the unit itself can be cleaned when needed. The entire system and all of its components are manufactured in the United Kingdom by experienced suppliers with a high level of industry expertise.


improve air quality, and reduce infection transmission

The EnviroTech AGP Air Cleanse System allows the air to be re-circulated within the facility. When set-up correctly, it can be a valuable tool in the fight against air pollution as well as infection spread.

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