December 01, 2019
Wind Power advantages, disadvantages and UK incentives

Offshore and onshore wind farms are contributing an increasing percentage of clean energy globally, and this figure can be expected to continue to rise. The advantages of wind power outweigh any complications associated with the construction of wind farms, which is the reason for the proliferation of such structures in many developed countries.

Major advantages:

  • Unlimited and renewable resource
  • Very cost-effective and scalable
  • Minimal need for maintenance

Major limitations:

  • High initial investment
  • Need for energy transfer from location
  • Turbines can be a threat to wildlife

Available incentives in the UK:

  • Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) – Wind power is also included in FIT, but similar to solar energy producers, only those who joined up until 2019 are eligible to continue receiving payments into the future.
  • Renewables obligation certificate (ROC) – Wind farms qualify as renewable energy stations under this program, which awards tradable certificates to clean energy producers. The ROC program is intended primarily for large-scale energy producers, and will be in place until at least 2037, providing some much needed investment security going forward.
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