March 15, 2022
The London St Patrick’s Day Parade in 2022!

The EnviroTech team was delighted to be a part of St Patrick’s Day Parade in London and provide power to the BITA band via one of our power packs!


The parade was built around themes of #LondonIsOpen, with BITA also championing Inclusivity and Sustainability with their entry of a pedibus that harnessed their volunteers’ cycle power, plus musical accompaniment! The incredible band, The Craic Heads, joined us on the day and were driven along on a flat-bed Clancy truck to delight the crowd by playing us along the route. 

The live band, unique pedibus, and walking volunteers lofting placards (on recycled wood of course) promoting other BITA chapters, drew lots of cheers from the crowd that had braved the weather.

BITA, with the support of Poundfield Products and Centaurea Investments, was thrilled to sponsor the main stage at the St Patrick’s Day Parade in London on the 13th March this year, where we joined other parade sponsors including Glencar, J Coffey Construction, Harris Group, and the Irish Post.

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