April 01, 2021
Eton College Energy Station

The installation of an innovative renewable "Energy Station" is helping GRAHAM to reduce its carbon footprint and power demands at Eton College. In the summer of 2020, the first phase of the college's capital development scheme to improve indoor sports facilities for its 1,300 pupils commenced when they appointed a privately-owned contractor to complete the Eton Sports and Aquatic Centre (ESAC).


A 78-week construction programme commenced in July 2020. It will see the creation of a 25m indoor swimming pool with diving facilities, a moveable floor, a multi-sports hall, and spectator and changing facilities.

The college, a preeminent Windsor-based boarding school for boys aged 13 to 18, is renowned for its forward-thinking approach. The school has invested in sustainable features and measures across its vast estate, such as photovoltaic (PV) panels, which adorn the distinctive parallelogram roof at the existing Queen's Schools campus, to generate much of its power requirements. This approach is in the plans for the ESAC, with provisions made for natural ventilation and PV cells on the sports hall's roof.


EnviroTech Energy Management is consulting to design and build an energy station to supply daytime power to the Eton site. The energy station will create an emission-free area, noise reduction by 90%, and facilitate the removal of diesel generators from the site to support the Graham Environmental policy and enhance their green credentials.


Energy Savings were calculated @ £990 per week.
Fuel savings @ £594.08 per week

Plant Hire cost savings @ £1490.00 per week.

Working on a 50-week active year – Annual savings of £153,704.00.*


*(This does not include savings on Labour, Management time, Insurance costs etc). The EnviroTech Energy Station runs all Lighting, Wheel Wash, Tower Crane, and associated plant and equipment, including site offices.



GRAHAM Senior Project Director, Neil Douglas, is delighted with the Energy Station's performance so far and is confident that, upon project completion, the cumulative outputs will be significant. He said: "At GRAHAM, we have aligned our sustainability agenda with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Goal 13, Climate Action, is all about promoting developments in renewable energy. We are motivated to adopt and promote sustainable energy technologies, which is a core reason why we partnered with EnviroTech Energy Management to introduce the Energy Station to our operations at Eton College. Of course, we also recognise the emphasis the college places on environmental matters.


"The Energy Station has delivered more than just a reliable, consistent energy source. It also allows us to seamlessly ramp up and down our energy requirements based on the demands of a particular day. The benefits are clear to see and are making our lives easier. Noise has been significantly reduced in comparison to previous construction sites I have been responsible for, while the reduced air pollution is a real advantage, particularly in the Greater London area. I am excited to see the compiled data and metrics, and the positive environmental impact, that will be recorded at the end of the programme."



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