November 28, 2019
Envirotech Energy Solutions visit Sungrow Samsung, China.

Envirotech Energy Solutions have been recently invited to visit Sungrow Samsung SDI in Hefei, China where the co-founders of Envirotech Mr. Christopher Hill and Mr. Steve Wheeler met with the Vice President of Sungrow Samsung James Wu for a consultation on using Sungrow Samsung batteries. 

Following tremendous hospitality from our new partners, but more importantly, a site visit that highlighted not only their high quality control but their dedication and passion for excellency, we are delighted to report that we have agreed in principle to use Sungrow Samsung batteries in all our developments as we believe they compliment our core ambitions and make us a perfect team for success.


We are very excited about this new partnership and steps have been applied to secure the future development of the company. Plans are already in place for further visits, both in China and the UK and we look forward to strengthening our relationship with Sungrow Samsung.

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