October 05, 2022
Energy prices are causing chaos in the UK Construction Industry... but we can help

In their recent article called "High Energy Prices Push UK Construction Industry To The Brink" Oilprice.com reported that 16,755 UK construction companies now risk closure owing to struggles with inflation, increased costs, lack of labour supply, and rising interest rates on debt. 

These issues, coupled with the enormous increases in energy bills, are impacting construction businesses across the country. Building sites commonly use a lot of energy and an estimated 15,000+ sites in London alone rely on diesel generators. Not only is this technology costly, it is also noisy and can spread pollutants to nearby communities.  

Data supplied by Mazars shows during the last quarter a huge 5,900 construction businesses were added to the "at significant risk of insolvency" category, with East Anglia, the South West, and South East experiencing the largest increases in the number of businesses at risk. 

At EnviroTech we can help UK-based construction companies looking to diversify their energy use and adopt new, more sustainable sources. Our solution to replace diesel generators with Energy Stations will help businesses in this sector create financial savings while also protecting the environment. Our portable, stand-alone units can support construction sites of any size, eradicate the need for carbon-based fuels, and lower carbon footprints. 

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The read Oil price's full article, please click on the below link: 
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