May 04, 2020
Cambridgeshire Council plans 2.7MW solar farm with storage
Professor Brian Sturgess

Cambridgeshire County Council has unveiled plans for a 2.7MW solar farm, and battery storage plant in Stanground near Peterborough according to local news Peterborough matters. The electricity will be used to supply large local businesses with the battery energy storage system providing grid stability and energy balancing services Revenues from the sale of electricity from the Stanground site and the provision of services to the grid will support the continued delivery and development of Cambridgeshire County Council’s frontline services, it said. From April to June, Cambridgeshire County Council is planning a social media campaign, survey and series of online events to offer local residents and businesses the chance to learn more about the project and to feedback on proposals ahead of a full planning application being submitted. The facility will be located on an old landfill site that was formally closed in 1992 on land owned by the council. “Utilising an old landfill site in this way is really quite innovative and has the potential to be replicated elsewhere, creating a source of green and clean energy for the future,” councillor Josh Schumann said.  

The initiative shows the public good benefits local authorities can provide for citizens while earning additional income by investing in distributed renewable energy generation and storage. Furthermore, the plans supplement a number of other announcements made by Cambridgeshire County Council in April as part of its net zero commitment including a 2.5MW solar carport with battery storage located in Great Shelford. The Council has also developed a school’s energy scheme, investing £11 million into 55 schools across the county and has an existing 12MW solar farm that the council said has delivered over £350,000 per annum net revenue since it started generating in late 2016. 

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